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This Site has been created for the benefit of those living on Ruthenvale Terrace.

It offers a quick and easy reference point for residents to assist in meeting the agreed expectations of the owners of all these apartments
The site highlights various aspects of Terrace life and how it will be made more enjoyable for all by observing the guidance provided. When each resident is playing their part by acting responsibly in keeping the environs clean and tidy, showing consideration towards fellow residents, behaving respectfully by taking care of their individual properties and keeping common areas free from rubbish or clutter the cumulative impact is a cared for neighbourhood where people want to live

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Ruthvenvale Terrace was built around 1865 by the Hally family for workers in their Textile Mill.
Families were raised in these humble dwellings where apartments had to share an outside WC between four located under the balconies and similarly four apartments shared a wash house at the respective ends next to the drying greens. In those days considerate behaviour by residents was a key element of Terrace life as your neighbour was sharing many of the facilities with you.

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