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To understand the vision the owners have for RVT and the scale of investment there has been on the Terrace to enhance Amenity - we all need to understand the definition of Amenity and its importance on RVT =

a positive element or elements that contribute to the overall character or enjoyment of an area.

  • Open land,

  • Trees,

  • Historic buildings and the inter-relationship between them,

  • or less tangible factors such as tranquillity.

  • an agreeable way or manner;

  • courtesy;

  • civility:

a feature that brings comfort or pleasure the quality of being pleasing or agreeable in situation, prospect, disposition, etc.; pleasantness

Little of RVT is owned by one person outright, the fabric of the Terrace and environs are in common ownership. You will note today there are clear signs of deliberate investment in the Terrace e.g

  • Bin stores

  • All chimneys rebuilt

  • All staircases rebuilt

  • Fenced off garden areas to be kept clean and tidy, free of clutter

  • Planted out flower beds at pavement

  • Well maintained Drying greens

The cumulative effect of all of these actions have greatly improved the Amenity for everyone on RVT

Insurance Agent

Prior to 2012, RVT was in a sorry state but the owners came together and determined to reverse its fortunes and tackle long overdue maintenance to common parts. By forming an Owners Association some additional help was provided to assist the owners as they sought to drive up the Amenity and make RVT an attractive block that the residents could be proud of and feel happier and safer in their homes.

There is little point in the owners going to such expense to lift the whole block if some are then allowed to disrespect that and detract from the hard fought amenity which spoils it for the residents, the neighbourhood and the town.

If you are not intent on respecting the amenity on RVT `then we will have a problem

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