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Fouling - Dogs

In Common with Perth & Kinross Council Perth & Kinross we encourage dog owners to act responsibly and clear up after their dog.

Letting dogs pee on pathways or where cars are passing or parking where people will walk will be considered anti social behaviour

Of course as well as being unhygienic, dog mess is very unsightly and spoils the area for everyone.

Walking with Dogs
Fouling & Cigeratte Butts: About

It is not acceptable for residents to open the door of your flat and allow your dog to run out and do its business wherever it so chooses. If you have a dog it should be under supervision whether is night time winter time or middle of the day.

No one should be put at risk of stepping in dog poo.

You must take your dog to a grassy area to let it do what and needs and then dispose responsibly of poo. The sign of NO fouling allows you to let your dog do it's business on the grass…BUT you must immediately pick it up and dump in YOUR bin or the dedicated poop bin at the top end of terrace

It is an offence for any person responsible for a dog, not to immediately remove and dispose of appropriately, any excrement after their dog has fouled.

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Having A Smoke

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Having A Smoke

Many of the owners of the RVT flats will have a strict NO SMOKING inside their properties

Nevertheless smoking outside should be done considerately. Equally importantly the disposal of cigarette butts

NB Cigarette butts are legally deemed to be litter, you could be fined if you do not dispose of yours responsibly

Think cigarette butts are biodegradable? Wrong - they take up to 12 years to break down

Receptacles for cigarette butts has been provided at your door. Emptying of those is the responsibility of the residents 

Some previous residents have thought it acceptable to ping butts over the balconies onto others areas below. It is not acceptable and this anti social behaviour could be reported

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