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Bins & Rubbish

One of the main niggles for residents is when someone else dumps rubbish in their bins

If you wish to engage in this practice – it will be deemed to be fly tipping and you could be fined. The main reason residents have full bins is because they have not presented them timeously at pavement and as they are lifted fortnightly excess rubbish accumulates

This section should provide you with key information to help you place the correct rubbish in the correct bins, as otherwise the Bin lorry will not empty your bin and the problem gets worse

Bins: Services

Bin Etiquette

Several years ago the owners agreed to the creation, provision and payment for 3 designated bin store areas to serve all residents on RVT and allow orderly containment disposal of rubbish.

Perth & Kinross Council demand that all rubbish at this post code is correctly binned for the purposes of recycling.

Each flat has a numbered bin BLUE lid and GREEN lid to enable each resident to comply. There are separately brown bins for grass cuttings which owners may place kitchen scraps.

BLUE BINS are for recycling material -NOT Glass

GREEN Lid Bin are for items that cannot be recycled

It is vital that each resident is familiar with the accepted contents of these 2 bins . 

Please see this Council link for helpful guidance 

Which day do I present my bin to the front pavement , and then retrieve? 

The Council uplift these bins on alternate weeks. Green one week , Blue the next week . A timetable for this is accessed via

By presenting the correct bin timeously on the right day - there should never be any overflowing bins. Should you forget to present your bin on time - it is not acceptable to dump your rubbish in someone else's bin, unless you have their express and explicit approval.If not this will be deemed antisocial behaviour and you may be fined by the Council 

The Civic Amenity in AUCHTERARDER is on Western Road at the top of the town behind the park. Its opening times are

Oversized Rubbish. If you are disposing of large item like a washing machine or Sofa - uplift by the council, PKC  can be arranged - currently it is Thursday.

A fee is applicable for up to 5 large items under one uplift

To maintain amenity for all. Bins must be retrieved to their designated bin store the same day as uplift has taken place 

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