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Image by Carles Rabada

Car Parking

RVT can now offer residents convenient and ready parking for all its residents 

Car ownership amongst residents has increased over the years.

Creation of an increase in car parking capacity for residents at the Terrace was made possible by an agreement of the Owners of RVT in 201.

The accepted practice for decades was then formalised in that owners deal whereby the upstairs residents would be able to park their car around the back against the tall fence directly in line with their respective flat as their dedicated space.

The downstairs residents are to park their car on the street and have the benefit of the use of the immediate area at rear of building for their use    

No cars should be parked on the 3m wide laneway, or at foot of the external staircases or next to the Terrace building. These areas should be free of obstruction at all times.


We therefore expect residents to respect that agreement and only park in the area assigned to their respective flat  


Thank you for being a considerate parker 

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